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Off the
Beaten Path

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The Pathfinder  

A Versatile 4-Season Tent

(Patent Pending)

  • Lightweight, about 4 kg or 10 lbs

  • Free Standing

  • Load can be sub-divided

  • Easy to set up (about 5 minutes)

  • Rooftop removable or raised up/down

  • No floor. Have option to add an inner tent

  • 8 large size pockets for storage

  • Can accommodate 4-6 people

Inner Tent

  • Easy to hang up with mosquito netting

  • About 1 kg or 2 lbs

  • Floor of 15 cm or 6 inches high

  • Made out of 68 denier, water repellent, rip-stop polyester

  • 2 large side pockets for gear storage

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The Camp Box /

Traveler Box

(Patent Pending)

  • Only shipped in California (contact us for shipping outside)

  • Box is handcrafted (color may vary)​

  • Very light, about 4kg or 10 lbs

  • Resistant to sunlight, impact, snow

  • Raccoon proof

  • Rainproof (raincover)

  • Ideal for storing gear, cooking utensils, tents

  • Safe for food storage and handling

  Canopy Style with Inner Tent

Lowered Down Roof

Tents Hooked Together


About us

It all began in the Spring of 2018, when we set out to design a lightweight tent that is easy and fast to set up.  Fast-forward two years and we’re pleased to introduce Outdoor Innovations, a venture with a vision to build simple, highly functional, and reliable camping products. 


In our company we combine more than 30 years of high adventure experience in scouting, experimenting and using a variety of outdoor gadgets.  It’s our passion for adventure and a love for nature that inspire us to strive for simplicity and harmony in our designs.



Contact US

San Jose, CA 95148  |  Tel: 408-833-5584

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