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How To Set Up The “Pathfinder” Tent

1. Set the main frame up that consists of a cross platform and 4 long poles. Make sure that the center ring with a hole is facing upwards.

2. Screw the roof top frame onto the main frame, if desired

3. Put the rooftop on, if desired. You may have to flatten the main frame down a little in order to mount it up.

4. Hang a tent wall up by attaching the 2 top corners to the corresponding hooks of the poles

5. Insert the pole ends to the corresponding bottom grommets of the tent wall

6. Repeat step 4 and 5 for the remaining tent walls

7. Secure the tent walls to the poles with snap-on hooks, if desired

8. Close the adjacent tent walls with corresponding velcro straps and pins/loops, if desired

9. Secure the 4 corners of the tent with stakes, if needed

10. Secure the middle guylines, if desired

11. Secure the 4 guylines of the rooftop, if desired

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